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Paul Ching Wu Chu Scholarship for Continuing UG Students

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[A complete list of awardees]

The Paul Ching Wu Chu Scholarships are given annually to reward physics undergraduate students with excellent academic course performance. The regulations for selecting the awardees are described below.

[1] Award

The total amount of the award, to be awarded to one or more students, will be $10,000 or $5,000 per student, provided that the maximum limit of scholarship allowance of a student, which is his/her tuition fee plus $50,000, is not exceeded.

[2] Eligibility

Physics major undergraduate students at HKUST only.

[3] Criteria

The selection of the awardees will be based on the academic course performance. Students compete at the same year level.

[4] Procedure

Students do not need apply for the Paul Ching Wu Chu Scholarship. The Department Scholarship Task Group will identify qualified continuing students and inform selected students of the scholarship awards in September / October every year.

[5] Inquiries

Inquiries can be made to the Physics Department Scholarship Task Group (Email: